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Recovery, Wellness, & Beyond Physical Therapy

SKYE Physiotherapy can help you                  pain-free.


Timberly Williams

SKYE Mission

Welcome to SKYE Physiotherapy - your trusted partner in prioritizing your health. We are master clinicians, holistic bodyworkers, and movement perfectionists who provide comprehensive recovery and wellness programs. Our services include holistic manual therapy, premium dry needling, and long-lasting solutions for acute and chronic pain and injuries.We serve extraordinary and driven individuals at our Columbia, MD office. Our mission is to place your needs at the forefront of everything we do.

At SKYE Physiotherapy, we are committed to delivering superior care within an ideal healing environment, free from any external factors that may interfere with your journey to optimal health. We are the perfect fit for those seeking a top-tier recovery & wellness practice that offers both intensive care and routine maintenance services, expertly designed to alleviate tension, restore your body's balance, and promote freedom of movement.

Our goal is to enhance your performance in daily activities, sports, and work while also assisting in the recovery from both acute and chronic pain conditions. We believe in working together towards a healthier, happier life, and we'll be there to celebrate each milestone you achieve on your path to wellness. Choose SKYE Physiotherapy as your partner in health - because here, you're always our number one priority.

Move Better, Feel Better, & Live Better!

SKYE Recovery Roadmap


Discovery Session


Release & Align

Holistic Manual Therapy & Dry Needling


Connect & Move

Body Alignment & Corrective Exercises


Performance Optimization

Functional Movement Training


Injury Prevention


about ME

Owner, Physiotherapist

Dr. Chang-Min (Skye) Lee

"Injuries don't have to define you. Let my passion for movement and recovery fuel your journey back to doing what you love. Together, we'll get you back in the game!" 
Why SKYE Physiotherapy?
Imagine this:

After a grueling day at work, you're burdened with a body full of aches, and the hope of a pain-free evening feels out of reach. You're caught in a relentless struggle with persistent pain and tension. Does this sound familiar?

Now, picture a different scenario:

Following an equally challenging day, instead of nursing aches, you're enjoying a serene walk with your family or immersing yourself in a hobby you love. This could be your reality with SKYE Physiotherapy.
 At SKYE Physiotherapy, we advocate for proactive healthcare. Our approach goes beyond that of traditional therapy clinics, focusing on comprehensive recovery programs. We help you alleviate current discomfort and prevent future injuries. Our personalized, concierge-style services aim to make your health journey enjoyable and empowering.


We’re Here
When You Need Us

Monday: 8:30am-6:30pm

Tuesday: 9:00am-4:30pm

Wednesday: 9:00am-4:30pm

Thursday: 8:30am-6:30pm

Friday: 8:30am-5pm 

Saturday: 7am-1pm


By Appointment Only

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